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[S2E4] Abomination 'LINK'

That same night, while Stiles is waiting for his car at the mechanic's, he sees this "abomination." A dab of paralytic is left on the handle, freezing Stiles's hands, preventing him from dialing 911 when he sees the lizard monster paralyze the mechanic, then kill him by dropping the car rack on him. Stiles tells Scott about the reptilian creature. He felt like the creature recognized him. Stiles figures that if anyone would know what that thing is, it would be the Argents.

[S2E4] Abomination

Derek is training his betas (Isaac, Erica and Boyd) and is disappointed in their progress. He sends Erica to seduce Stiles and lure him to the school's indoor pool, where Derek grills him on what this creature looked like. Stiles submits to Derek's interrogation, but it turns out he doesn't need to; the abomination is in the gym and pounces. I'm not sure what happens to Erica, but Derek thinks he can take the lizard creature. It paralyzes him and Derek falls into the pool. Stiles had been about to call for help, but dropped his phone and opted to save Derek instead. The abomination is still pacing, but it turns out he can't go into the pool. Stiles assumes it can't swim.

When Scott returns to school to find Gerard's thumb drive, he hears the trouble at the pool, and rushes in to save Stiles and Derek. Wolf Scott attacks the lizard creature. It could defeat him easily, but Scott uses a broken shard of mirror to defend himself. The lizard catches sight of itself and runs off. As the group regroup, Scott and Stiles look over the bestiary to identify the creature, but it is in a language they don't understand, much to their frustration. Derek, however, having recovered from the paralysis, identifies it as a Kanima. An annoyed Stiles asks if Derek knew the whole time, though the Derek explains that he only figured it out when he saw it reacted to its own reflection. Derek admits not to know much about it, only that it's a shapeshifter like werewolves, but also something not right. Stiles then finishes Derek's sentence, stating it is an abomination, which Derek agrees with. Scott insists that they work together with Derek, and maybe even alert the Argents. Derek, due to his grudge against them, refuses. Scott is frustrated with this, and states that the problem is that nobody trusts anyone. McCall points out that while they're standing around, arguing, there is a monster running around that is faster, stronger, and more dangerous than they are, and they don't know how to deal with it. Derek declares that once he finds the Kanima, he will kill it. Scott then goes to pick up his mom from work, and he is confronted by Gerard, who knifes him in the gut, all to keep him quiet and listening. Gerard knows he is a werewolf and warns Scott that he will need a favor from him, and if Scott doesn't comply, Gerard will kill his mom.

In the parking lot, Stiles and Scott boot up the bestiary flash drive but it is in a language that it doesn't recognize. Derek says the creature is a Kanima. He figured it out when it was confused by it's own reflection. Derek says it doesn't know what or who it is. He says it is a shapeshifter like werewolves but that it's not right. Stiles suggests the word 'abomination'. Scott urges Derek to work with him to fight the creature suggesting that also enlists the Argent's aid to combat it. Derek swears he will find it and kill it. 041b061a72


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