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Mum was a great cook; she had cooked Jack meals and Vacuum Packed them, and left them in the freezer. So whatever Jack wanted for dinner, he would take it out of the freezer and leave it in the fridge the night before. Jack and also enjoyed wine. Mum was a member of several wine clubs, but they also used a local Wine Merchant, Jack was in there one night after work, and he met May; the hug she gave Jack told Jack that she was delighted to see him. Jack didn't ask anything about Mags. He only asked about what May was doing. Jack told May that mum was visiting gran and he had to look after himself. May then invited him around for a glass of wine tonight at eight. Jack quickly accepted and told May he would bring some wine. Jack was excited; May looked excited too.

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Batch cooking is a saving grace for these busy times and I\u2019m a big advocate for befriending your freezer. When you\u2019ve got lots on, it\u2019s reassuring to know that there are containers of something delicious in the freezer, whether it\u2019s a soup or stew ready and waiting to be simply reheated. I also like to prepare the building blocks of a quick meal such as a pasta sauce or cooked grains, meaning you\u2019re only a few easy steps away from dinner. Scroll down for my top tips and for a brand new batch cooking recipe.

We love them, too, as we named them the best affordable bed sheets when testing out several top brands. With a large selection of designs and colors to choose from, you can find the one that best matches your new, more mature decor. Although these sheets are made with 100 percent polyester, people still rave about how soft and comfortable they are because that polyester is woven into a cozy microfiber. They are also designed to be resistant to fading, stains, and wrinkles.

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And like who's going to pass up their grandma's cooking? She's cooking like Sunday, and it be like she's cooking chicken, collard greens, corn bread, and you know it's your grandma. She's old-fashioned so you don't . . . you be like, "Grandma, can you kind of cut back on the grease?", and she's going to look at you like, "Are you crazy?"

Previous studies of African American girls document a preference for larger body size, which is often supported by positive reinforcement from adults (5,6). This study further adds that body size was perceived to be related to a specific stage of life. In their discussions, participants specifically contrasted their weight in elementary school with their current weight and noted that weight was stage-dependent, implying that as one matures in age, one is supposed to progress to a larger body size and weight. Additionally, as with previous findings in adult females, the girls in this study conceptualized body size and weight on a normative, culturally based scale (32) and mentioned family and friends as their body size references. This finding suggests that weight and body size are socially comparative attributes in this sample and further illustrates how culture affects girls' values and their self-estimations of their bodies.

Lucy Honig, SPH assistant professor of international health, says that teaching "gives me substance in my own life and feeds into my writing." Meanwhile, teaching continues to provide her with new subject matter. "I've always wanted work that was meaningful to me," she says. "Teaching -- and especially my contact here with mature students working in the health fields from all over the world -- gives me substance in my own life and feeds into my writing, so I don't feel there's a conflict."

Stop and go Creativity, she admits, comes in fits and starts. "For me, when a story cooks, I hear voices: the characters talk, I write it down. It's very rough and barely readable, but there's life in it and I can go back and straighten it out. When it doesn't cook, I tend to stop. Sometimes I stop for months or years. It's not a good method, and I would not recommend it. But when I try to force myself to write every day just because I know I'm supposed to, I write garbage. That's not so terrible, though -- I like to think of words as disposable."

There are advantages to being a 'mature' student. You are often referred to as 'Doctor', as it is assumed that by your age you must be, which is actually quite motivating, as you realise it feels good. You tend to be mistaken for staff, or at least treated as a peer by academic staff. This is fantastically beneficial. It is much easier to ask for things, advice or favours, and to get them. You tend to be treated more seriously. For example, I have had a book and all the papers I have submitted accepted for publication practically without question, which I seriously doubt would have happened if I was 21.

You can make big savings with small changes. Let out the spare room, learn to cook, cycle. You quickly realise that this is not worse than you are used to, just delightfully different. My other strategy was to keep my lifestyle the same in quality, but not quantity: when you go out to a restaurant, or go on holiday, do it to the same standard as before, just do it less often.

Perhaps more could be done to ease the lot of the mature student. I personally think mature students do make better students, and they should be encouraged. Although I appreciate that you might not want to invest heavily in someone who has only a few productive years left, it is difficult to say when the cut-off point might be. My funder, NERC, does pay a mature student's incentive, but it is only about 1500 a year. They're never going to pay me 20,000 per year to do a PhD, but at least making fees tax deductible would be a huge step in the right direction. An extra PhD year--even at the current grant rates--would at least make time for enough part-time paid work. (Presumably childcare would be good too, but it's not at present a problem of mine).

So to a prospective 'mature' student, what can I advise? Is it too late? No, but it gets progressively harder. The best advice I can give is, probably, get your qualifications while you are as young as possible. To any prospective PhD student, all I can say is: It is an incredible roller-coaster, loving it and despairing of it, and I have no idea if it is worth it in the end. My real advice has to be: Don't do a PhD just to get the kudos. You have to want to do the actual research--the process is what it is about. 041b061a72


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