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Sony Vegas Neat Video Plugin 18

I just upgraded to Vegas Pro 20 last night. I know just like Version 17 it comes with Reduce Noise V.5 or I had that as a plugin don't remember. I see there are a ton of noise reduction plugins to buy. I only edit a video a month maybe three, so I don't need a $500 program!! Do you think the Noise v.5 is just basic and there is a better program? I don't mind spending $100 or so plus or minus if it really makes a difference. I was told all professionals, "I am not", run a noise reduction on their entire video as a standard rule?

Sony Vegas Neat Video Plugin 18

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I've tried LR for video too, and eventho it kinda works I dare to say that better for your workflow and very good for the end result is AE plugin called Neat Video. Simple to use and very effective for even high noise and also will smooth out compression artefacts. Check it out at


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