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RPG Fudousan: A Hilarious Anime About Finding Your Dream Home in a Fantasy World

Download Anime RPG Fudousan: A Guide for Anime and RPG Fans

If you are an anime and RPG fan, you might have heard of a new show called Anime RPG Fudousan. This is a comedy-fantasy series that revolves around a real estate firm that caters to various clients in a world where magic and monsters exist. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this show, why it is popular, and what benefits it offers to anime and RPG fans. We will also show you how to download anime RPG fudousan legally and safely so that you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

What is Anime RPG Fudousan?

Anime RPG Fudousan (RPG Real Estate) is an anime series based on a 4-koma manga by Chiyo Kenmotsu. It premiered in April 2022 and ran for 12 episodes. The story follows Kotone Kazairo, a newly graduated mage who moves to Dalithe royal capital of the Kingdom of Actusto start her career as a real estate agent at Rent Plan Guide (RPG). There, she meets her co-workers Rufuria, Rakira, and Fa, who are a priest, a warrior, and a demihuman respectively. Together, they help various customers find their ideal homes in a world where dungeons, dragons, and demons are common.

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How is it different from other anime RPGs?

Anime RPG Fudousan is different from other anime RPGs in several ways. First of all, it has a unique theme of real estate that combines fantasy elements with modern-day issues. For example, some of the customers are adventurers who need a place to store their loot or heal their wounds; others are monsters who want to live peacefully among humans; and some are ghosts who haunt their former residences. The show explores the challenges and opportunities of the real estate business in a humorous and creative way.

Secondly, it has a colorful and vibrant animation style that suits the tone and genre of the show. The character designs are cute and expressive, the backgrounds are detailed and immersive, and the action scenes are dynamic and exciting. The show also uses various visual effects and sound effects to enhance the comedy and fantasy aspects of the story.

Thirdly, it has a fun and diverse cast of characters that have their own quirks and personalities. Kotone is a cheerful and optimistic mage who loves her job and wants to help people. Rufuria is a lazy and greedy priest who often slacks off and scams customers. Rakira is a hot-headed and loyal warrior who protects her friends and fights with her rivals. Fa is a timid and kind demihuman who can transform into a wolf-like creature. The show also features other characters such as the boss of RPG, the king of Actus, and various customers and villains.

Who are the main characters and what are their roles?

The main characters of Anime RPG Fudousan are:

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  • Kotone Kazairo: She is the protagonist of the show and the newest employee of RPG. She is a mage who specializes in fire magic. She is very enthusiastic about her job and always tries to find the best solutions for her customers. She is also very friendly and compassionate, and often gets involved in the problems of others. She has a crush on the king of Actus, who is one of her regular customers.

  • Rufuria: She is the senior employee of RPG and Kotone's mentor. She is a priest who can heal wounds and cast spells. She is very lazy and greedy, and often uses her skills to trick customers or make money. She also likes to tease Kotone and Rakira, and often gets into trouble with them. She has a secret hobby of collecting figurines.

  • Rakira: She is another employee of RPG and Kotone's co-worker. She is a warrior who can wield various weapons and fight enemies. She is very hot-headed and loyal, and often acts as the muscle of the team. She also has a strong sense of justice and honor, and often challenges anyone who insults her or her friends. She has a rivalry with Fa, who she considers to be weak and cowardly.

  • Fa: He is the last employee of RPG and Kotone's co-worker. He is a demihuman who can transform into a wolf-like creature. He is very timid and kind, and often acts as the mediator of the team. He also has a keen sense of smell and hearing, which he uses to help customers or find clues. He has a fear of Rakira, who he thinks is scary and violent.

Why is Anime RPG Fudousan Popular?

Anime RPG Fudousan is popular for many reasons. First of all, it is a hilarious and original comedy that makes fun of the tropes and clichés of the anime and RPG genres. The show uses witty dialogue, absurd situations, and clever references to make the viewers laugh and enjoy the show. For example, some of the jokes include Kotone accidentally setting things on fire with her magic, Rufuria using her healing skills to make people pay her, Rakira fighting with a rival warrior over a parking spot, and Fa transforming into a wolf when he gets scared.

Secondly, it is a creative and imaginative fantasy that showcases the wonders and dangers of the world of Dali. The show uses stunning animation, captivating soundtracks, and thrilling action scenes to make the viewers immerse themselves in the show. For example, some of the scenes include Kotone exploring a haunted mansion, Rufuria summoning a giant angel, Rakira battling a dragon, and Fa running away from a demon lord.

Thirdly, it is a heartwarming and inspiring story that depicts the friendship and growth of the main characters. The show uses touching moments, emotional conflicts, and meaningful messages to make the viewers relate to and care for the show. For example, some of the moments include Kotone finding her place in RPG, Rufuria learning to trust others, Rakira overcoming her pride, and Fa gaining confidence.

What are some of the best episodes and scenes?

Some of the best episodes and scenes from Anime RPG Fudousan are:

  • Episode 1: Welcome to RPG: This is the first episode of the show and introduces the main characters and the setting. It shows how Kotone arrives in Dali and joins RPG as a new employee. It also shows how she meets Rufuria, Rakira, and Fa, and how they deal with their first customer: a ghost who wants to sell his haunted house.

  • Episode 4: The King's Request: This is one of the most popular episodes of the show and features the king of Actus as a guest character. It shows how Kotone meets the king and falls in love with him. It also shows how she helps him find a new castle after his old one is destroyed by a meteor. It also shows how Rufuria tries to take advantage of the king's wealth, how Rakira challenges the king's guard, and how Fa gets kidnapped by the king's enemies.

  • Episode 7: The Dungeon Adventure: This is one of the most exciting episodes of the show and features a dungeon as a main location. It shows how Kotone and her co-workers go on an adventure in a dungeon to find a treasure for their customer: an adventurer who wants to retire. It also shows how they encounter various traps, monsters, and puzzles in the dungeon. It also shows how they cooperate with each other and use their skills to overcome the challenges.

Episode 10: The Festival Celebration: This is one of the most festive episodes of the show and features a festival as a main event. It shows how Kotone and her co-workers participate in the festival that celebrates the anniversary of RPG. It also shows how they enjoy various activities, g


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