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David Gilmour, About Face Full Album Zip HOT!

Despite the difference between the two bands' styles, Manson said they were not "afraid to mix the two together when we were making the songs."[15] We Are Chaos contains ten songs, and no additional tracks were recorded. Manson explained that once his and Jennings's respective bands found a mode to collaborate, the songs "flowed quickly" and "there were no extra songs. There was no fat to cut off the music."[15] The album was produced by Manson and Jennings,[2] and Manson's vocals were recorded late at night; the vocalist said that Jennings deduced his "peak hour for singing was 3 a.m. I'm sure that's probably because it's [when] the full range of rasp comes out of my voice".[3]

David Gilmour, About Face Full Album Zip

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Manson initially said the lyrics on the album were autobiographical, and that he considered self-titling the record as a result.[11] This was later revised, however, and he described We Are Chaos as a concept album. The record purposefully includes ten songs, with the explicit intention of listeners being able to experience the album as if it were a traditional LP, with Manson noting the mood and tone of the record changes drastically after the fifth track.[3] He said: "I wanted it to be like any movie or any great book or any painting or any poem, [in] that it becomes part of the listener's experience, not just mine", noting this was what he apprised when listening to Bowie's Diamond Dogs, Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare and Pink Floyd's The Wall as a teenager, elaborating those albums made a listener "feel like you're a part of something bigger that you can insert yourself into. And I think escapism is an important thing to have now." He went on to say: "Hopefully, [listeners will] interpret it in a way that maybe I didn't even realize." Of the overall concept, he said he hoped listeners would be aware of the presence of a singular story arc, but encouraged people to discover their own story when listening to the album. He said he asked numerous people for their interpretation of the album's content, specifically whether they believed it concluded with a happy, sad or tragic ending.[18]

Several publications praised the quality of songwriting and production on We Are Chaos, including NME, which complimented Manson's lyricism for focusing less on spectacle and more on craft, and praised Jennings's production for introducing a wide variety of styles to the album.[26] Similarly, AllMusic commended the focus on song-craft, saying this was the key to the band's later-career rejuvenation, elaborating: "As the years of shock tactics and theatrics fade into memory, Manson's left with just the music, aging as gracefully as he can with another expertly crafted offering for the altar."[21] Hot Press said the record contained some of the most exciting songs the band had recorded in years,[22] while Kerrang! said it continued their creative resurgence, complimenting the "razor-sharp" lyricism and saying the production evoked a "sense of stateliness at times" and a "sleazy rock club stench at others".[53] Metal Hammer praised the lyrics for being more emotionally vulnerable than Manson had ever been previously.[54] Classic Rock noted the absence of intentionally provocative lyrics on We Are Chaos, saying that instead it found Manson reflecting "the terrors that are already out there" before summarizing: "It's good to have the king of modern mischief back to cast a milky eye over the mess we've got ourselves into."[29]

Agreeably 'Shine On... (Parts 1-5)' doesn't function very well as a ripped down acoustic version (all the time I expected David soon to switch to an electric guitar), but on the other hand it's interesting to have this different version. Dick Parry joins on saxophone during the piece. The live line-up at its fullest features also Michael Kamen on piano, beautiful Caroline Dale on cello, Nic France on percussion, Neill MacColl on acoustic guitar (dual guitars are obviously much needed especially on 'Wish You Were Here') and a gospel choir led by Sam Brown. The choir is another key factor to bring heartfelt sincerity to the performances. Songs such as 'High Hopes' and 'A Great Day for Freedom' have enjoyable, more intimate versions here.In addition to a few other songs of Pink Floyd and Gilmour's solo output such as 'Smile' which some years later was included in the album On an Island (2006), the set contains some interesting surprises. 'Je crois entendre encore' is a melancholic opera aria from Georges Bizet's Les Pecheurs de Perles and suits pretty well for this line-up. 'Dimming of the Day' is a serene Richard Thompson penned song originally sung by his wife Linda Thompson, and 'Terrapin' and 'Dominoes' are Syd Barrett's songs. As nice as it is to see Robert Wyatt guesting on 'Comfortably Numb', his vocals in it are only so-and-so. In the end -- taken from another live date -- the same song is guested by Bob Geldof (the main actor in Pink Floyd The Wall movie), who does a more convincing participation. And of course Rick Wright (r.i.p. 2008) coming to sing and play 'Breakthrough' from his 1996 album Broken China is a memorable moment.The bonus materials are diverse and well edited. On 'Shakespeare's Sonnet 18' Gilmour only sings to Kamen's piano. I like that. 'Home Movie' shows David in his home studio rehearsing the Bizet aria with the gospel choir, and so on. Pretty down-to-earth stuff, further widening the contrast to the mentioned Pink Floyd DVD's. This DVD is an excellent and unique addition for anyone wanting to have a good selection of Floyd and related. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Tuesday, February 22, 2022 Review this album Report (Review #2694698)

There's one funny photo of her and his father on the web, and before this single this was the only clue that I had of her existence.Well, other than guitar, as probably obvious, she plays harp. This is her instrument in the single.She has a very nice voice and harmonizes perfectly wit dad's baritonal singing.Not a bad song, also. Surely not a masterpiece but it could easily feature in any David Gilmour's album as it's quite in line with the mood of his last one. A song like this would have been really better than the rubbish remix used to fill the last album.So it's a 3-stars song and hopefully the beginning of a great career for Romany. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Friday, April 9, 2021 Review this album Report (Review #2533255)

David Gilmour is, as many of we know, the lead guitarist, one of the lead singers and one of the main songwriters of the legendary prog rock band, Pink Floyd. And as many we know too, he wasn't an original member of the band. But in 1967, Nick Mason, the drummer of the group, asked him if he would be interested in joining to Pink Floyd. He accepted and joined the band in 1968, making them a group of five members. It was brief because soon the founder guitarist Syd Barrett left the group because his erratic conduct on the band, and David Gilmour assumed the role of lead guitarist."David Gilmour" is their self titled debut solo studio album and was released in 1978. As he explained when the album was released, this debut solo studio album was very important to him, in terms of self respect, because he needed to step out from behind the Pink Floyd's shadow. All songs on the album were written by David Gilmour except "There's No Way Out Of Here" written by Ken Baker, "Cry From The Street" written by David Gilmour and Electra Stuart and "Short And Sweet" written by David Gilmour and Roy Harper.Loose and collaborative, with some interesting instrumentals, "David Gilmour" is recommended because it's neither withering in the shadow of Roger Waters, nor like Gilmour's led albums in the band's third-act, trying too hard to sound like Pink Floyd. Instead, everything feels familiar and comfortable. Credit goes, in part, to Gilmour's backing band.The line up on the album is David Gilmour (lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, lap steel guitar, piano and harmonica), Rick Wills (backing vocals and bass guitar), Willie Wilson (drums and percussion), Mick Weaver (piano), Carlena Williams, Debbie Doss and Shirley Roden (backing vocals).The album has nine tracks. The first track "Mihalis" is a Greek name and was the name of a yacht that David Gilmour owned at that time. It's an instrumental song, very light and mellow with some nice guitar melodies performed in David Gilmour's classic guitar style. This represents a good way to open the album. The second track "There's No Way Out Of Here" is a great song and one of the best tracks on the album. It's a song with the typical Pink Floyd's sound, and what is more interesting about that, is that is apparently the only song of the album that wasn't composed by David Gilmour. The third track "Cry From The Street" is a very good and enjoyable song and is a song more based in the blues style. It's a song a little bit repetitive but with excellent arrangements and where we can hear the typical David Gilmour's guitar sound. The end of the song reminds me strongly the sound of the Pink Floyd's album, "Animals". The fourth track "So Far Away" is a pleasant piano based ballad with meaningful lyrics, beautiful piano work and a nice guitar sound with a laid back guitar solo. The vocal performance on the song is also very impressive and is also one of the best I've ever heard from him. The fifth track "Short And Sweet" is a rock oriented song more in the vein of Pink Floyd's songs. It features a much harder guitar sound than the rest of the album and has also a good bass line and a fantastic vocal line. This song represents one of the best moments on the album and one of my favourite songs too. The sixth track "Raise My Rent" is another instrumental track. What makes this song most interesting is the slow, simple and repetitive guitar fills and the stunning guitar solo with the typical trademark sound by David Gilmour. This is another highlight of the album and one of my favourite moments too. The seventh track "No Way" is another song based in the blues style. It's a very nice song, very slow, with a main melody that brings to us the David Gilmour's nice voice and a nice guitar work too. Who likes David Gilmour' typical sound, likes this song too. The eighth track "It's Deafinitely" is another great instrumental song that explores the keyboard and the guitar works. It's a song with some good and interesting guitar moments with the repeating keyboard theme on the back, what makes a find and interesting musical moment on the album. The ninth and last track "I Can't Breathe Anymore" is a simple and nice song that finishes this first solo David Gilmour's studio musical experience. We can say that it's a slow song with a noise guitar sound. It's a short and good song that concludes the album with simple guitar fills. It's an enough good song to closes the album.Conclusion: Despite I only purchased the album few years ago, I know it since it was released and I always considered it a great musical work. Although it isn't very progressive and be an album very influenced by the blues, it's a very well balanced and a very cohesive work. "David Gilmour" is, in my humble opinion, an album that despite remaining in the area of Pink Floyd's music, explores also another musical areas but only if they were very close to that area. So, "David Gilmour" is a very good album and if you like, as I like, of the inimitable guitar sound of David Gilmour, especially on the Pink Floyd's album "Animals", the resemblance is obvious, you mustn't miss this album, for any kind of reason. It should please the late Pink Floyd's fans. It boasts strong songs, great guitar work and Gilmour's ever-charming vocals.Prog is my Ferrari. Jem Godfrey (Frost*) social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Friday, February 14, 2020 Review this album Report (Review #2316073) 350c69d7ab


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