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Japanese Graded Readers Level 0 Free

Japanese Graded Readers (JGR's) are written in easy and controlled language for foreign or second language learners of Japanese. They are graded according to the size of vocabulary, complexity of grammar structures and the total number of words used in each book. They are designed to cater to all levels from beginners to advanced students.

Japanese Graded Readers Level 0

This volume belongs to the starter level of Japanese Graded Readers, one of the most popular series of graded reading books.This volume contains eight stories at the simplest level, suitable for N5 level students who want to start reading in Japanese.

Graded readers are shorter books written intended for those who are still studying the language. Vocabulary, grammar and length are therefore specifically chosen for the respective reading level. If you have already learned a second language in school, you will certainly remember reading them in class.

This was the first ever graded reader series for Japanese, published in 2006. As it was put together by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku, it follows their guidelines for reading levels with level 0 for absolute beginners up to level 4 for upper intermediate.

It follows the same reading level pattern as the series from 2006, but adds a level 5 with two stories intended for intermediate-to-advanced readers. While in the first series, there were equally as many books for every reading level, this series provides more reading material for beginners (level 0-1) in their later volumes.


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