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11. Cabin Fever [BEST]

  • In the jungle, Locke sees a vision of Horace Goodspeed in a dream, telling him to find him in order to find Jacob. He finds Horace's body in the mass DHARMA grave, and retrieves a map to the cabin from his pocket. Locke finds Christian and Claire inside the cabin, with Christian claiming to speak on Jacob's behalf. Locke tells Ben and Hurley that Jacob wants them to move the Island.Tropes in this episode include: Can't Kill You, Still Need You: After Keamy's first attempt to kill Michael fails when his gun jams, Gault persuades him that they need Michael alive to fix the engines, since he's the one who broke them.

  • When Keamy threatens to kill Lapidus if he doesn't fly him back to the Island, Lapidus is unfazed, knowing that this is an empty threat, because he is the only pilot on the freighter, and Keamy will be stuck there if he kills him.

  • Determinator: It turns out Locke was this even as a baby, as he is born three months premature, and has to overcome all manner of complications and infections to stay alive.Nurse: He's amazing. He's the youngest preemie to ever survive in this hospital. He's had infections, pneumonia, you name it. And every time, he knocked them out. He is a fighter, your little John.

  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: After hearing about Keamy's true plans for the Island, Gault decides to ignore Widmore's orders and helps Sayid to ferry survivors to and from the Island to save them from Keamy.

  • Lapidus attempts this by refusing to fly Keamy back to the Island, but is forced to relent when Keamy threatens to kill everyone on the freighter if he doesn't.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Upon seeing baby Locke in the NICU, Emily immediately leaves.

  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: Keamy effectively appoints himself captain of the freighter with his murder of Gault.

  • Wham Line: Locke's instruction?"He wants us to move the Island."

  • Wham Shot: Richard Alpert appears at the hospital to visit Locke as a baby, looking exactly as he does in the present.

  • As Locke is being wheeled through the hospital in a flashback, the camera pans up to reveal that the orderly wheeling him is Matthew Abaddon.

  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Locke is disturbed when Ben congratulates him on manipulating Hurley into staying with them, which Locke claims was not his intention.

11. Cabin Fever




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