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Ecs M925g Motherboard 18

Back in the day, my first Pentium PC was a 166 MMX paired with a PC Chips M558 (which had the VX Pro II aka Utron UT801x chipset). I wasn't impressed with the performance of that motherboard, even after I upgraded to a Pentium 233 MMX.My brother bought a 200 MMX which he paired with a PC Chips M537DMA33 motherboard (which had the VX Pro+ aka VIA Apollo VPX (VT82C580VPX) chipset). That motherboard with its Pentium 200 MMX ran faster than my P233 MMX.

ecs m925g motherboard 18

Despite the lackluster performance of the former, neither of the two motherboards gave us any issues. Over the years, I have managed to acquire two PC Chips M537DMA33 motherboards and my plan is to build up a Pentium 233MMX system soon with one of them.

perhaps their motherboards from the 2000s were also less durable, the m925 that I have works but the audio, 1 usb and 1 ram slot seem to have issues, also it makes annoying noises under high load since when I got it (2007 or so), but it works, I also have an AG31 which I think works ok it gave me headaches at some point, but I tested it recently and had no issues.

Thanks for your information! Yeah, i installed Windows 98SE on my build and everything works great... I have 96megs of ram and an ATI All-In-Wonder 128 PCI card and most games work fine (this card is opengl 1.2 compatible so it can actually play Escape From Monkey Island on OpenGl, which my Voodoo3 can't do so good). USB is still not working but now i'm starting to think maybe there is no irq left for the controller to use, or maybe it would work if i had installed win95 instead... I think i also tried another usb cable (one i had used on another motherboard, an Asus PI-P55T2P4 and worked on its USB header) but none of my pendrives work. On the Asus they work just fine... I think that if usb works fine on my Asus motherboard from around the same time, it should work on the PCChips too...Like you said, maybe it has to do with the caps and resistors but that's beyond my skills and knowledge...

My PC Chips M550 motherboard has been working since 1998 or so... Never had an issue. First and only problem I had started some days ago, when i decided to finally try the onboard USB connector on Windows 98SE and it didn't detect any devices...

I have a Pentium 166MMX machine with a M537DMA33 PC Chips motherboard in it. I've had it for over a year and after patching the BIOS I haven't had a single major issue with it except that for some reason it won't boot unless the optical drive and hard drive are on the same IDE channel. It seems to perform just fine, and I also ran a CPU-Z benchmark on it where it compares almost exactly the same to the P166MMX reference it comes with.

Otro problema más es el tipo de conector que tiene un procesador con el motherboard, cada marca tiene su conector propio y cada versión de procesador también, ejemplo: El Athlon64 tiene dos conectores, de 754 pines y de 939 pines, el segundo es mejor y más caro que el primero y tienen diferencias de rendimiento.

con ese presupuesto podés optar por un Athlon 64 (fijate que sea de 939 pines), un buen motherboard (con chipset NForce 4) y una placa de sonido Audigy o superior, hay varias en buen nivel , son caras pero es lo que estás buscando si querés editar sonido.

hola , te platicare mi problema ever si me puedes ayudar.,y gracias de antemano. tengo de disco duri 250+80gb,1.5g de ram de graficos 512,es p4, con un procesador de 1.8ghz la tarjeta madre es una pcchips p4 m925g no se que tan buena sea.,y el problema es QUE NO PUEDO EDITAR VIEN VIDEO YA QUE ES MUY MALA LA RESOLUCION Y AVECES SE CONGELA QUE PROCESADOR ME RECOMIENDAS O QUE OTRA COSA LE PUEDO METER(LA TARJETA DE CAPTURA ES UNA PINNACLE 500-PCI GRACIAS POR TU PRONTA RESPUESTA

Hola a todos tengo una pentium 4 intel con una gforce 5200 una motherboard asrock,256 megas de memoria total, la cuestion es lo siguient: la pc responde bien en algunos juegos como Rakion pero algunas veces tengo problemas con san andreas counter strike y el mismo Rakion ya que a veces se suelen lagguear los juegos,mi pregunta es: hay una solucion viable para este problemacual es? y a que precio?:D:D


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