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Download Kuruthipunal Tamil Novel PDF and Read Online - Indira Parthasarathy's Award-Winning Book

s. kannan is a popular tamil author and is also the founder of an important tamil website the author of this book is an indian-american author and his book, nine realms (2007) is his first book to be translated into english. he has also written the screenplay of the film room in rome (2010). his books are published by penguin india and he is currently working on his second novel, iraivan.

Kuruthipunal tamil book pdf free download


india's miraji (1876-1929) was a tamil writer. she started writing her first novel when she was 13 years old and completed it at the age of 17. her novel marana sakkathai is the first tamil novel and the oldest novel written by a woman in tamil. this novel was published in 1897.

this is the first work of kalki krishnamurthy. bhale bhale bullodu is an important novel for its story and characters. this is the first tamil novel that focuses on the emotions of a group of people. it is very famous for its psychology. the novel was published in 1964.

one of the most acclaimed author of tamil, kaakka muttai was born in 1932. he wrote his first novel when he was 15 years old. the name of this novel is thaai thirugavum kaakka. this novel is about a brahmin's family in the post-independence period. he also wrote the novel kadal kadhal.

durai nayar is a well-known writer in tamil literary world. he is the author of the novels aadhiya brahman (1992) and thaai nadhiya (1996). he also wrote the historical novel unnai solludu (2000) which is about the freedom movement of tamil nadu in the early 1900s.


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