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Explore UJ APK Campus with a 360-Degree Virtual Tour

UJ APK Campus: A Guide for Prospective Students

If you are looking for a vibrant, diverse, and innovative university in South Africa, you might want to consider UJ APK campus. UJ APK campus is one of the four campuses of the University of Johannesburg (UJ), which is ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. In this article, we will give you an overview of what UJ APK campus has to offer, from its academic programs and faculties, to its student life and services, to its virtual campus tour. Whether you are a local or an international student, you will find something that suits your interests and goals at UJ APK campus.


UJ APK campus stands for Auckland Park Kingsway campus, which is located in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. It is the main and oldest campus of UJ, with a history dating back to 1925. It is also the largest and most populous campus, with over 25,000 students and 1,500 staff members.

uj apk campus


UJ APK campus boasts a range of modern facilities and amenities, such as lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, auditoriums, sports fields, gymnasiums, residences, cafeterias, and more. It also has a beautiful green landscape, with fountains, gardens, sculptures, and artworks. The campus is easily accessible by public transport, such as buses, taxis, or trains.

Studying at UJ APK campus has many benefits, such as:

  • You will be part of a diverse and inclusive community, with students and staff from different backgrounds, cultures, languages, religions, and perspectives.

  • You will have access to quality education and research, with internationally recognized degrees and programs, accredited by various bodies and organizations.

  • You will have opportunities to develop your skills and talents, with various extracurricular activities, clubs, societies, events, workshops, competitions, and more.

  • You will have support and guidance from dedicated and experienced staff members, who will help you with academic, personal, financial, or career matters.

  • You will have a memorable and enjoyable student experience, with a vibrant social life, a friendly atmosphere, and a rich cultural heritage.

Academic Programs and Faculties

UJ APK campus offers a wide range of academic programs and faculties, covering various fields of study. You can choose from undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, diplomas or certificates, full-time or part-time modes of study. Some of the programs and faculties available at UJ APK campus are:


Art Design & ArchitectureArchitecture; Fashion Design; Graphic Design; Industrial Design; Interior Design; Jewellery Design; Multimedia; Visual Art

Economic & Financial SciencesAccounting; Auditing; Economics; Finance; Investment Management; TaxationEducationAdult Education; Childhood Education; Educational Leadership & Management; Educational Psychology; Mathematics Education; Science Education; Technology Education

Engineering & the Built EnvironmentCivil Engineering; Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgy & Materials Engineering; Mining Engineering; Town & Regional Planning

Health SciencesBiomedical Technology; Biokinetics; Chiropractic; Emergency Medical Care; Environmental Health; Homeopathy; Podiatry; Radiography; Somatology; Sport Management

HumanitiesAfrican Languages; Afrikaans; Anthropology & Development Studies; Communication Studies; English; French; Greek & Latin Studies; History; Journalism, Film & Television; Linguistics; Philosophy; Politics & International Relations; Psychology; Social Work

LawCommercial Law; Criminal Law & Procedure; Jurisprudence; Mercantile Law; Private Law; Procedural Law; Public Law

ManagementBusiness Management; Hospitality Management; Human Resource Management; Information & Knowledge Management; Logistics Management; Marketing Management; Public Management & Governance; Retail Management; Strategic Management; Tourism Management

ScienceApplied Mathematics; Biochemistry; Botany; Chemistry; Computer Science; Geography, Environmental Management & Energy Studies; Geology; Mathematics; Physics; Statistics; Zoology

To apply and enroll for a program at UJ APK campus, you need to follow these steps:

  • Check the admission requirements and fees for your chosen program on the UJ website or prospectus.

  • Fill in the online application form on the UJ website or submit a hard copy application form to the UJ Student Enrollment Centre.

  • Submit the required documents, such as certified copies of your ID, academic transcripts, and proof of payment of the application fee.

  • Wait for the outcome of your application, which will be communicated to you via email or SMS.

  • If you are accepted, confirm your acceptance and pay the registration fee.

  • Register for your courses online or at the UJ APK campus during the registration period.

  • Attend the orientation program and start your academic journey at UJ APK campus.

Student Life and Services

UJ APK campus is not only about academics, but also about having fun, making friends, and discovering yourself. There are many student activities and clubs that you can join, depending on your interests and passions. Some of the student activities and clubs at UJ APK campus are:

  • Sports: You can participate in various sports, such as soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, athletics, and more. You can also join the UJ Sports Academy, which offers coaching, training, and mentoring for talented athletes.

  • Culture: You can express your creativity and talent in various cultural activities, such as music, dance, drama, poetry, art, photography, film, and more. You can also join the UJ Arts & Culture Centre, which hosts events, exhibitions, festivals, and workshops throughout the year.

  • Societies: You can join various societies that cater to different academic, professional, religious, political, social, or recreational interests. Some of the societies at UJ APK campus are: Accounting Society, African Student Association, Anime Society, Chess Club, Christian Union, Debating Society, Entrepreneurship Society, Environmental Society, Islamic Society, Law Society, LGBTQIA+ Society, Model United Nations, Muslim Student Association, Psychology Society, Science Society, and many more.

  • Volunteering: You can make a difference in your community and society by volunteering for various causes and projects. You can also join the UJ Community Engagement Division, which facilitates partnerships between UJ and various organizations and stakeholders.

Besides these activities and clubs, you can also enjoy the student support and wellness services available at UJ APK campus. These services include:

  • Counselling: You can access confidential and professional counselling services for any personal or academic issues that you may face. You can also join support groups or workshops on topics such as stress management, time management, study skills, career guidance, etc.

  • Health: You can access quality and affordable health services at the UJ Health Centre on campus. The health services include primary health care, HIV testing and counselling, sexual health education, family planning, immunization, and referrals to specialized services.

  • Security: You can feel safe and secure on campus, as there are security personnel and CCTV cameras on duty 24/7. You can also use the UJ Emergency App, which allows you to contact the UJ Protection Services in case of any emergency or threat.

  • Library: You can access a variety of resources and services at the UJ Library on campus. The library offers books, journals, databases, e-books, e-journals, e-learning materials, computers, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi, study spaces, and more. You can also use the UJ Library App, which allows you to search, reserve, renew, or request items from the library.

  • IT: You can access various IT services and support at the UJ IT Centre on campus. The IT services include email accounts, online learning platforms, software downloads, password resets, technical assistance, and more. You can also use the UJ IT App, which allows you to access your UJ email, Blackboard, uLink, and other IT services from your mobile device.

Virtual Campus Tour

If you want to get a glimpse of what UJ APK campus looks like, you can take a virtual tour of the campus using the online platform. The virtual tour allows you to explore the campus from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. You can see the buildings, facilities, landmarks, and scenery of the campus in 360-degree views. You can also learn more about the history, culture, and achievements of UJ APK campus through audio and video clips.

Some of the highlights of the virtual tour are:

uj apk campus virtual tour

uj apk campus map

uj apk campus contact details

uj apk campus residence

uj apk campus library

uj apk campus courses

uj apk campus student centre

uj apk campus gymnasium

uj apk campus auditorium

uj apk campus physics lab

uj apk campus history

uj apk campus address

uj apk campus parking

uj apk campus security

uj apk campus facilities

uj apk campus online application

uj apk campus fees

uj apk campus graduation

uj apk campus open day

uj apk campus orientation

uj apk campus accommodation<br


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