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Soil Microbiology Subba Rao Pdf Download ((LINK))

for the environmental impact assessment (eia), the specific amount of fertilizer n applied per hectare was computed from the n rates multiplied by the respective plot area. for the calculation, only n fertilizer application was considered, not including n losses through denitrification processes.

soil microbiology subba rao pdf download

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after four weeks from sowing maize was transplanted to the experimental field and grown for 3 months. seeds were planted into plants with 3.6cm row spacing and each of six treatments received the same amount of n fertilizer amount (20 kg n ha-1).

the root-microbiota interaction influences plant health and growth and can be affected by different factors such as plant growth stage, soil type, and fertilization strategy. this study determined the influence of the microbial community structure on the surface of the taproot on maize root development and as a result its response to the prescribed n fertilizer treatment. the bacterial community was analyzed in bulk soil and plant root at three different time points during plant growth: 8, 16, and 32 days after transplanting. taproot surface sampling was repeated after 32days from transplanting.

surface-associated bacterial communities on the maize roots differed from the bulk soil. in particular, it was demonstrated that the composition of the bacterial community associated with the root surface as well as the density of the microbial community changed during the development of maize. at 8 days after transplanting (d.a.t.) all nitrate treatments had the same root surface associated microbiome (fig. 5b,c). 16 d. the population of the microbial community associated with the root surface of all treatments with nitrate fertilization was significantly higher than that of the control treatment (fig. 5b). bacterial communities associated with roots of control and sni treatments showed similar dgge band pattern at 32 d. while bni and sni had higher root attached bacterial populations compared to the control, and sni and bni had the same root associated bacterial community.


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