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Digimon Adventure Episode 53

The chosen are falling into darkness as we saw at the end of the last episode. Suddenly, they stop in midair. Gennai contacts them and informs them that there was actually a group of chosen children before them that had defeated an ancient evil, which has more or less returned. Conveniently, the aforementioned evil shows himself at this moment.

Digimon Adventure Episode 53

I wish we could have gotten a little more detail into it, but this was such an awesome way to show the connection between Patamon. and Devimon. Like Gatomon with Skullknightmon, he was a dark version of Angemon created from the miasma, but as a separate entity. Angemon was nearly taken over and became NeoDevimon, similar how Darkknightmon had gotten a hold on Gatomon again through her anger and fear. But man, this was one of those episodes that really makes you appreciate reboot Takeru! Even when his partner was being consumed by darkness, he did not give up. He believed Angemon was stronger, he never gave up hope. I have to say he reminds me a lot of another characters from a different show who was all about hope as well. And just like Gatomon, Angemon was able to defeat the darkness and become his true Ultimate form, Magnaangemon!

Another episode show just how smart and amazing Koshiro truly is. Seeing Tentomon calm him down and help him overcome the challenges was a wonderful reminder of how much they help each other. On another note, Datamon was pretty cute when he went back to normal.

In Digimon Adventure 2020, it looks like Palmon will digivolve again (the episode still hasn't came out yet, only the preview and it doesn't even have english subtitles. But I did hear the word "shinka" so)

But it's not just that all the necessary components for the form are being assembled that make this an apt prediction. This iteration of Digimon Adventure has been heavily geared towards Holy and Celestial Digimon in its new canon, within which this tearful, warrior angel would make perfect sense. Omnimon Merciful Mode's introduction would also make Omnimon's premature entrance into Digimon Adventure 2020 make a lot more sense in retrospect. The powerful fusion Digimon was summoned into being just two episodes in and has so far appeared once more following that. At that early juncture, viewers were both excited and troubled by what this meant. Omnimon, a Digimon that radiates pure, unfiltered coolness, is always a welcome addition to any franchise entry, but some fretted the show was giving away the goods too early.

Unfortunately, the latest episode, "The Geko Hot Springs' Revolt," has thrown a spanner in the works. Centering Joe and Gomamon in the way that Episode 52 did to Sora and Biyomon, this would -- and should -- have been the perfect platform for Gomamon to unlock his Mega form, Vikemon. However, Gomamon, disappointingly, doesn't get past the Ultimate level in his tussle with a lecherous Tonosamagekomon. It could be that Digimon Adventure 2020 is trying to avoid predictability and will introduce Vikemon at a later stage, or, as has been the case with previous evolutions, the show has changed the circumstances of Omnimon Merciful Mode's creation for its canon. Whatever the case, it seems like a safe bet at this point that this upgrade is still on the horizon.

The list to all of the episodes in Digimon Adventure can be found here with a minor description in each of them. Along with descriptions also you can find the original air date for Japan and the air date in English versions. The Japanese name will be given in a translated form as well.

Digimon Adventure: (デジモンアドベンチャー) is an anime television series. The series was developed by Toei Animation and aired in Japan between April 5, 2020 and September 26, 2021, consisting of 67 episodes. 041b061a72


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