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How to Use iReb r7 for Windows to Restore Custom Firmware and Jailbreak iOS 16/15

so i have read from stackoverflow which are the best websites to download free software for windows. i also read that i should be cautious of the websites that give links that do not work. but today while i was looking for windows 8.1 iso i ran into a website that did not work. but the website looked good and the file was free. i downloaded the windows 8.1 free iso. but when i downloaded it the windows 8.1 iso said download is not complete and asked me to download something again. i looked at my software updates and still nothing. does anyone know how i can get back my iso?

ireb r7 for windows free download

hey guys i am trying to install the windows 8.1 iso on a usb disk. but it is not working. i am using microsofts media creation tool to make the windows 8.1 iso. i am running windows 8.1 on a macbook. i have tried two usb disks. one 16gb and one 32gb. on both of them the windows 8.1 iso says its not complete. i have the windows 8.1 iso right now if you want you can use it. but i need a working windows 8.1 iso please. please help. thanks amir

im using jailbroken ios5.0.1 and now i wan restore back to original ios5.1 due to battery draining problem. first, i enter recovery mode on my iphone and then restore at itune but it shown up error 3942 then i edit my hosts file to fixed this problem and try to restore again in recovery mode and new error appear which is error 21. i solved this error by enter dfu mode and again.. new error appear (error 1602). i search this error at google and get the solution which can be solved by running ireb. but after i downloaded the ireb and run it as shown at the top, same error pop out again which is error 1602.i already tried many ways but the result is still the same (failed). anyone can help me to solve this problem


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