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Vitali Socks
Vitali Socks

Visible Body Anatomy

Visible Body is a 3D visualization and learning tool used to explore the systems of the human body. The Human Anatomy Atlas contains numerous anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the human body. This module's features include detailed definitions, self-guided learning with hundreds of quizzes, and the ability to save custom 3D views & personal notes.

Visible Body Anatomy

The University of Winnipeg Library is pleased to announce a new interactive resource Visible Body: Human Anatomy Atlas. Visible Body: Human Anatomy Atlas is a 3D visualization and learning tool that includes over 5,000 interactive, medically accurate male and female anatomical structures covering systemic anatomy, regional anatomy, senses, muscle action, and 25 cross-sections. However, this resource has some strict system requirements, these include: 041b061a72


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