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Buying Nfl Tickets On Craigslist

In March, dozens fell victim to a similar Patriots ticket scam in which 51 people purchased counterfeit tickets to a game. Where did they get them? Craigslist. Some of them said they paid up to $400 per seat.

buying nfl tickets on craigslist

I myself have purchased tickets off of Craigslist twice, both for NFL games and had no troubles. Both sellers were season ticket holders that had tickets in hand that they just wanted to get rid of at the last minute. I met them within the city limits with cash and the rest was history. Would I recommend that other fans go this route?

When browsing for tickets, you will notice that some listings are listed 'tickets by dealer'. This means that your transaction will be online and most likely, legitimate because a broker owns the tickets. For the listings that are listed ' tickets by owner', you will be dealing directly with an individual. For those of you that haven't seen Craigslist's FAQ page about scams, here it is in summary.

There is also the possibility that you could have a "verbal agreement" to purchase tickets only to be stood up when the transaction was supposed to take place. This can put fans in a tough spot as game time approaches. Although I also don't recommend purchasing tickets on the street from scalpers (I've done that too), doing so would be a safer alternative than Craigslist. For a long list of reliable ticket brokers, check out our 'Buy Tickets' page on the main toolbar.

So if these people are legit, then indeed there are some great deals to be had for baseball tickets on Craigslist. Sellers and buyers also avoid the fees associated with brokers, which drops the prices, especially on high end tickets.

Football fans looking for tickets for the playoff game between Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday should be careful to avoid buying fake tickets from Craigslist or through classified ads.

"Demand for playoff tickets is huge and scammers know that it is a great time to make an easy buck," said Sandy Chalmers, division administrator for Trade and Consumer Protection, in a news release by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Thursday. "Buy tickets from businesses or people you know and trust."

The tickets could be stolen or counterfeit or they could be priced farbeyond the face value. The tickets may even have been used at a previous,similar event.An example of a Craigslist ticket scam is when a scammer legitimately buys apair of tickets to a game or concert online using a service such asTicketMaster. TicketMaster gives the buyer the option of paying for shippinga set of real paper tickets, or electing for the free 'e-ticket' option.

E-tickets are basically an e-mail you receive from TicketMaster with abarcode at the bottom of the page that you then print out. You take theprintouts to the game and they are scanned like any other ticket, and youare allowed entry into the game.

Do your research. If you can't find the tickets you need through anauthorized dealer (sold out show, etc.) and you need to turn to anotheronline ticket reseller, it's critical to research it thoroughly. If you'relooking to buy from a website selling tickets, start by checking reviews asits important to do things like inspecting the website for professionalism(if there are spelling or grammatical mistakes, that should be a red flag),and calling the business to talk to them (having no phone number should alsobe a red flag). You can also call the event producer to ask if the particular site isauthorized to sell tickets. If you're buying on eBay, check seller feedback,just as if you're buying on Craigslist, try to find someone trustworthy withwhom you can meet face-to-face.Pay by credit card when possible, preferably a credit card with stronganti-fraud protection that will help you if you get scammed. Avoid ticketspriced well below market. As usual, if a deal sounds too good to be true, itusually is.

1. Ask for a copy of the seller's invoice stating the tickets have beencompletely paid for if you are buying an ENTIRE SEASON'S WORTH. If the wholeamount was not paid, the seller does not have tickets, they may still havean invoice though. Check it carefully.2. Ask the seller for their account #. It should match their name from theticket rep and the tickets. The account # is on the top of the ticket. Call the team or ticket agent and speak to the person's ticket rep andverify the person has an account and has tickets. People who have legitimateseason tickets have no problem giving you their ticket reps name.Always meet in person, if possible. Pay with a cashier's check versus apersonal check as it protects your account information. If you pay withoutmeeting, pay with PayPal as it protects you (especially if tickets are neversent or are fake) or send a bank check.If the person is mailing you the tickets make sure you get some type ofwritten receipt or contract via email stating when and how the tickets willbe delivered/sent. Pay 1/2 now and the other 1/2 when the tickets arereceived. And make sure the person let's you know they got your money andthey are sending the tickets and track your communication via email!

Game Plans allow you to save big off box office prices, get access to purchase a Legends Membership, priority access to Stanley Cup Playoff tickets and more. Choose from Half Season, 11-Game, 6-Game and 5-Game plans with options to fit any schedule

First, scammers set up a fake Ticketmaster website and listed the tickets. But when someone tried to buy the tickets, the scammers claimed there was an issue with the payment system and asked the victim to call a 1-800 number for help.

In this scam, fraudsters try to bypass your skepticism by offering great ticket deals over social media platforms or online marketplaces. They may post photos of legitimate Ticketmaster tickets, or even meet up face-to-face and sell you fake tickets.

If a customer purchases tickets from an unauthorized entity, there is a risk in the secondary ticket market and third-party websites (scalpers, Craigslist, eBay, StubHub etc.) that the tickets may be fraudulent. Fraudulent tickets will NOT be honored and the ticket holder may be turned away.

TAKE NOTE: is the primary ticketing provider for U.S. Bank Stadium. U.S. Bank Stadium is not responsible for tickets purchased from other online sources. Tickets purchased from other sources may be invalid, more expensive, and/or ineligible for assistance. U.S. Bank Stadium is not able to honor, replace or refund any invalid tickets. Guests with invalid tickets are welcome to purchase replacement tickets at the U.S. Bank Stadium Ticket Office based on ticket availability.

Anyway, since most of us will never play in the NFL, buying a Super Bowl ring off the Internet seems to be the most realistic option and now that option can actually happen because someone is selling what appears to be a Saints Super Bowl ring on Craigslist.

In this case, the seller is located in Georgia and I'm just not sure I want to carry $45,000 into an Atlanta-area Chick-Fil-A to buy a Super Bowl ring. Plus, Chick-Fil-A's not even really a good meeting place because you'll likely end up buying $45,000 worth of delicious chicken sandwiches instead of the Super Bowl ring.

Police Capt. Mike McCoy said Fulshear borrowed the idea for it's "Transaction Safe Place" program from police in Georgia, who launched "Operation Safe Sale" last month following a string of high profile cases where people were killed by robbers after trying to buy or sale an item listed in online classifieds. In recent weeks, people have been killed buying or selling an iPhone6, an English bull dog, a PS4 video game console, an Audi sedan and a pickup truck.

Super Bowl tickets, travel packages should be treated with caution, Massachusetts officials warn New England Patriot fans. Advisory says fans should buy Super Bowl tickets only from licensed resellers.

Tech companies sell videoconferencing systems that are more Star Trek than webcam.After launching Craigslist in 1995 as a quick and dirty way to keep his friends up to date on events in his neighborhood, he and C.E.O. Jim Buckmaster developed the site into a gargantuan destination offering everything from personals and discussion forums to help-wanted ads and event calendars (not to mention the occasional offer of a kidney in exchange for two tickets to a Barack Obama speech). Today, Craigslist covers 567 cities around the world and gets 12 billion pageviews a month. Time magazine has named Newmark one of the world's 100 most-influential people. 041b061a72


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