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Sonia G Pro Face Brush Set Review

As I said in my review of the Sonia G Builder Pro and Classic Crease brushes, Sonia G does a stellar job of describing her brushes on her blog ( and in her product descriptions on Beautylish. She shows how her brushes compare to each other if you are deciding between the different shapes. So my best suggestion for anyone shopping for Sonia G brushes is to check out her blog and the product descriptions on Beautylish.

Sonia G Pro Face Brush Set Review

What a great review! The Soft Cheek brush looks so nice! I think Beautylish should take a page out of your book and add some post-wash photos to their website because the pre-wash pictures of the brush never made me want it. However your photos seeing what they bloom into is much more appealing.

All five brushes deliver an airbrushed, streak-free finish without absorbing much product at all. They are super soft and poke-free on the skin, and require little pressure on the face in order to effectively blend, and therefore barely move your skin underneath! Perfect for those of us with sensitive skin, and just anyone with skin really.

Although the Jumbo Base might seem a lot smaller than foundation brushes you potentially already own, the slanted angle of this brush means it covers a larger surface area than it appears in the above head shots. More on that later.

The Koyudo F-03 (newer version with mixed goat and synthetic bristles) is denser. It is actually the densest brush I have! It can also poke the skin and leans a bit scratchy, which a Sonia G brush would never do. That said both are superb face brushes, and I do like the feel of the short stubby handle.

It performs perfectly with all liquid and cream formulas no matter the format, consistency, or coverage. It does not absorb much product at all, but does more so that the Jumbo Base and is just enough to prevent cakey face while preserving the foundation coverage. I cannot explain how perfect this brush is for base makeup!

I had first ordered the Smooth Buffer from Sonia G. after reading and watching a lot of reviews. At the time, I was looking for the ideal brush to apply a smooth layer of powder foundation (e.g. Armani compact Luminous Light or Neo Nude) over a BB cream or just a glow base, to achieve a light to medium coverage. I have a rather dry skin and am over 40, therefore I needed a brush which would not emphasize my dry patches upon application and would achieve a smooth and natural finish. Well, let me tell you I did no wrong when ordering the Smooth Buffer. It ticks all my boxes and even more. It feels so soft when working it on my skin. I use it as I described above, and also for buffing finishing and glowing powders, such as the Hourglass Ambient ones, to finish up my makeup. When I go overboard with blush sometimes, I use the Smooth Buffer to buff it more and tone it down.

When it came back in stock, I rushed to order the Face One. Again, I have no regrets at all with this one either. This brush has the same properties and functionalities than the Smooth Buffer, but as it is bigger it is easier (for my personal use) to use it on larger parts of face and to apply powders on the contour of my face and on the neck. And these are exactly the reasons why I bought the Face One too.

Perfect for adding natural structure to the face, Sculpt One is a luxuriously dense fan brush that allows for foolproof sculpting and contouring. With pressure, the velvety bristles splay out across the skin to blend and soften bronzers, highlighters, and finishing powders.

Face Two takes the guesswork out of contouring and sculpting the face, thanks to a slender tuft that lays down sheer and pigmented products alike with a second-skin finish. Decadently soft and sized for both application and blending, this multipurpose face brush brings out the best in blushes, bronzers, and contour powders, diffusing them over the skin without any visible lines.

This plush foundation brush works liquid and cream foundations of all coverage levels into the skin with an airbrushed finish. With a perfectly calibrated mix of goat hair and synthetic bristles, Base One is dense yet airy, making it an essential tool for applying a full face of makeup quickly and easily.

Directions To apply liquid or cream foundation with sheer to medium coverage, pick up product with the tip of the bristles and stipple onto the skin in short, downward motions. For a quick wash of foundation, use larger circular motions. For cream blush, bronzer, or highlight, pick up the product with the brush and apply it directly, or place it onto the face with fingertips and use Base One to blend it out.


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