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Vitali Socks

Hindi Shorthand Dictation Audio Files Free !EXCLUSIVE! Download

Dictations by our channel are given by professional who are having a long experience in instructing Hindi Shorthand in various institutes. A great care is taken during recording of our hindi dictations to avoid any kind of distractions as well as noise, so you get crystal clear audio. Dictations are essential for practice before appearing in any exam or test requiring Hindi Stenography skill i.e. Rajyasabh & Loksabha (Parliamentary) reporter skill test which demands upto 160 WPM speed in stenography. Alongside dictations, we provide you with vakyansh (shorthand phrases), shabd chinh (steno word outlines) and pdf matter (transcription) as well. Everything is free of cost.

Hindi Shorthand Dictation Audio Files Free Download

Through this course, candidates can practice Hindi shorthand dictation of 100 words per minute speed. It is accurate speed audio dictations, as well as a dictation typing application for transcription of the Shorthand dictation, through which candidates can check the Shorthand speed and error. This course also provides a proper exam environment to the candidates for the practice of 100 WPM Shorthand dictation in Hindi.


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