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What Ram To Buy For Macbook Pro PATCHED

Now I think of buying another laptop. My macbook pro retina 13 inch early 2015 still works fine, but I need a bigger screen and a bigger RAM (I have 8GB now). Just checked the apple website for a new laptop with a higher Ram and SSD, the prices are draconic! Shall I go for Windows laptop which can be upgraded with parts at much lower price? My wife bought Windows PC laptop for 300. Couple years later upgraded SSD and RAM and her laptop works fast and good. And the upgrade cost was not noticeable at all. I used to Mac and like it, but feel that the pricing and upgrade ability is unfair. Probably will go for Windows laptop because of that.

what ram to buy for macbook pro

everything is possible my man. all you need is the same kind of ram macbook pro retina has (size and speed) and a guide on how to place em in the motherboard (which is the problem). And the stuffs are all glued in. So pulling out stuff to get to the ram is difficult. But do remember you have super ssd and lot faster ram speed to get you through long time to come. Believe me man i went with a 8 gb model of 2015 macbook pro retina 13 myself. 041b061a72


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