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[S3E7] When The Dead Come Knocking

Once inside the cabin, the survivors find a crazed individual that seems to have lost the concept of what is happening in the outside world. He points a shotgun at Rick until Rick disarms him. After a scuffle, the crazy guy heads to the front door to leave but the walkers are still there. Michonne has no other choice but to kill the man. Rick comes up with the plan to throw the dead body out the front door to distract the walkers while everyone escapes through a rear door.

[S3E7] When the Dead Come Knocking

Whilst the two of them are tortured for information, Andrea participates in another abnormal interrogation. She helps strange scientist Milton in his experiment to test if the undead can remember their past life. A nod to Romero classic Day of the Dead, Mr Coleman is made to listen to music as a tool that will hopefully help him recall his consciousness when he dies. Unsurprisingly the experiment fails, and Andrea has to step in and kill the reanimated zombie to save Milton from meeting a grisly end.

Still, when it comes to a duel with The Governor, you definitely want her on your side. That appears to be what's in store in next week's episode, the mid-season finale. Under cover of darkness the group approach the heavily fortified Woodbury walls, unaware of the dangerous men, and Andrea, that lie within them.

Andrea Harrison is twelve years older than her sister, Amy. Due to the age difference, there was a lot of resentment from Amy towards her sister since Andrea left her at home when she went to college and did not come back often. After the outbreak began, they became closer, even despite the fact Amy was still upset with Andrea for correcting and judging her, and often telling her what to do, even though deep down inside Amy worshipped her and wanted to be like her.

It's a rare Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries not to open with murder. Instead, this episode drops viewers directly into Miss Fisher's dining room for a seance conducted by the famous psychic Mrs. Bolkonsky (Julie Forsyth). She's trying to contact Roland Claremont, who died in the Great War. Prudence wants the dead man to show up and tell his friend Freddie Ashmead (Teague Rook) not to feel guilty because he can't remember what happened. But Freddie's PTSD response to this flim-flam is extreme, to the point of collapse, suggesting perhaps there is quite a bit he feels guilty for, especially when he starts raving about gunshots after the shelling was over.

But it's hard not to notice while in bed, Hamilton tells Fisher his twin brother also died at Somme, and his name was Basil. They're interrupted when Maud discovers Freddie has disappeared in the night, just as Henry calls Jack that someone is in the cemetery, headed towards the Claremont tomb. Jack and Collins head towards the grave just as Fisher and Hamilton arrive looking for Freddie. They reach the grave just in time to see him drink the vial and heart give out. But it's not natural; the virgin's tears are poisoned. With Fisher's evidence tying Warwick to Roland's regiment, Jack is all too happy to arrest him. Hamilton insists he's innocent; he didn't want Freddie dead, just to remember (and tell him) about Basil's final moments. Fisher notes the vial of tears sat out for hours; anyone could have tampered with it.

But this means someone else in Fisher's house did it. When Henry discovers all the valuables from Roland's in the cemetery office garbage, save the dead man's war pistol, that suggests someone was planning to stage a shooting by a ghost. But who? No one survived the attack save Freddie... and Roland's bagman, his valet: Larry Dunn. Dunn admits he shot Roland, a brute who abused Maud. He was the one who pushed Freddie as a hero to cover what happened. But he didn't kill Potts. Maud did, by accident, she only meant to knock him out. She broke into the tomb in a panic to cover for Dunn when she realized what was happening.

Glenn is stricken with a deadly virus spreading through the prison. Quarantined in a cell with the other sick patients, his rapidly deteriorating health comes to a head when a coughing fit causes him to choke on his own blood. It's down to one-legged Hershel (Scott Wilson) to pull him back from the brink of death.

Worried that Glenn will reveal his cowardice back at Alexandria, Nicholas lures him outside the walls of the Safe-Zone and shoots him. Having been left for dead, Glenn catches up with his assailant at nightfall when walkers attack. Nicholas, yet again, leaves him to die. Ever the survivor, Glenn escapes the zombies and finds Nicholas who pleads for mercy. Glenn accepts.

Returning to Alexandria only to find it overrun by walkers, Glenn and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) form a plan to lower Maggie down from a platform on the cusp of collapsing. In the process, Glenn is, again, overcome by the undead. Attempting to shoot his way out of it, death looks inevitable - until Abraham and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) swoop in to save him. 041b061a72


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